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JP-H0867111-A: 空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-H0867336-A: Direction changing device for carriage patent, JP-H0867377-A: 用紙搬送装置 patent, JP-H086846-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-H0868679-A: ガス遮断装置 patent, JP-H086988-A: Cad system for manufacturing semiconductor device and manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H0869908-A: Manufacture of rare-earth permanent magnet patent, JP-H0870637-A: 田植機 patent, JP-H0870756-A: Machine for producing dumpling patent, JP-H0871436-A: Feeding port hopper of vertical grain milling machine patent, JP-H0871539-A: Water purifier patent, JP-H0872709-A: 搬送装置の走行輪支持装置 patent, JP-H0873005-A: 自動化された記憶及び検索ライブラリ・システム patent, JP-H0873260-A: Quicklime containing basic refractory patent, JP-H0873320-A: 養毛・育毛料 patent, JP-H0873515-A: Process for polymerizing conjugated diolefin patent, JP-H0873665-A: 低煙・低毒性難燃ポリオレフィンコンパゥンド patent, JP-H0874786-A: ブロワ patent, JP-H0874809-A: Rotary actuator for driving butterfly valve patent, JP-H0875068-A: Hose joint patent, JP-H0876880-A: カード着脱装置 patent, JP-H0877687-A: ディスクプレーヤ patent, JP-H0877729-A: Disk reproducing device patent, JP-H0878237-A: 高周波用インダクタンス素子 patent, JP-H0878315-A: 露光装置 patent, JP-H0878591-A: リードフレーム patent, JP-H0881219-A: ペロブスカイト型構造を有するランタン系酸化物粉体の合成方法 patent, JP-H0881552-A: Production of polycarbonate patent, JP-H0882356-A: ボールねじを具備した駆動装置及び該駆動装置を含むxy駆動装置 patent, JP-H0882564-A: Capacitive type semiconductor pressure switch patent, JP-H0882787-A: 高分子分散型液晶表示装置及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H0883038-A: 消音装置 patent, JP-H0883369-A: 郵便料金計量器用光学式トリガ patent, JP-H0883716-A: コモンモード・チョークコイル patent, JP-H0884014-A: Antenna mobile device patent, JP-H0884397-A: Ultrasonic wave probe patent, JP-H0884627-A: 防虫剤収納部付きの戸棚 patent, JP-H0885867-A: Production of ito sintered compact patent, JP-H0886313-A: Guide rail device for linear guide device patent, JP-H0887265-A: Image information processor patent, JP-H0887386-A: Dual storage device patent, JP-H0887472-A: データ処理システム patent, JP-H0887712-A: 磁気ヘッド装置 patent, JP-H0889015-A: トラクタ−の作業機昇降制御装置 patent, JP-H0889251-A: 新規なカルコン合成酵素遺伝子 patent, JP-H0889257-A: アポトーシス関与遺伝子 patent, JP-H088962-A: オンラインによる名刺交換の名刺処理方法とその装置 patent, JP-H0890432-A: Screw pressing apparatus patent, JP-H0892266-A: ホスホノカルボン酸誘導体のジエステルの製造方法 patent, JP-H0892353-A: Epoxy resin and its cured product patent, JP-H0892468-A: Polyester composition for binder fiber patent, JP-H0892747-A: Surface treatment of substrate patent, JP-H0892844-A: Picking device of water jet loom patent, JP-H089290-A: Picture display device attached to head patent, JP-H0893059-A: Roof moving and installing method patent, JP-H0893594-A: Fuel delivery device patent, JP-H089430-A: Loss plan control method by closed area numbers for private blanch digital electric exchange patent, JP-H0894316-A: Position detector patent, JP-H0894758-A: シンチレーションファイバを用いた分布型検出器 patent, JP-H0896343-A: 磁気記録媒体 patent, JP-H0896395-A: 半導体レーザ装置 patent, JP-H0896616-A: 照明器具の係止構造 patent, JP-H0897602-A: 移相器 patent, JP-H0897652-A: 変復調装置及びその制御方法 patent, JP-H0898088-A: テレビジョン用の特殊効果波形発生装置および特殊効 果波形発生方法 patent, JP-H0898108-A: Electronic unit provided with sound output terminal patent, JP-H0898919-A: Ball shooting device of pachinko game machine patent, JP-H0899047-A: 湿式媒体分散装置 patent, JP-H0899080-A: 濾過用充填材 patent, JP-H0899101-A: Manufacture of wire patent, JP-H09100256-A: Production of diaryl carbonate patent, JP-H0910070-A: Armrest of chair patent, JP-H09102489-A: 気相乾式エッチングにおけるプロセス最適化方法 patent, JP-H09103104-A: Rotary plowing device patent, JP-H09103491-A: Catheter for inspecting luminal organ patent, JP-H09104085-A: Transparent base material covered with thin laminate patent, JP-H09104910-A: Repair work method for hot blast stove patent, JP-H09105003-A: Cup wire for brassiere patent, JP-H09105098-A: Additive for paper making and production of combined paper patent, JP-H091052-A: 加工密着性および加工耐食性に優れた塗装またはフィルムラミネート2ピース缶用表面処理鋼板およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H09105388-A: スクロール気体圧縮機 patent, JP-H09105875-A: 光スイッチ patent, JP-H09105971-A: Camera with shake correcting function and interchangeable lens with shake correcting function patent, JP-H09106724-A: Switch patent, JP-H09107318-A: 配電線搬送路試験装置 patent, JP-H09107396-A: Portable communication equipment patent, JP-H09107784-A: コンバイン patent, JP-H0910916-A: Levitation melting method and levitation melting and casting apparatus patent, JP-H09109633-A: Guide device for multi-way car patent, JP-H0911012-A: 工作機械 patent, JP-H09110255-A: Discharge part structure of sheet-like material carrying device patent, JP-H09110617-A: Composition for preventing pines from withering patent, JP-H09111165-A: インク及びそれを用いたカラーインクジェット記録方法 patent, JP-H09112185-A: Method for measuring bedrock strength in tunnel patent, JP-H09112812-A: 折り畳み自在な支承台 patent, JP-H0911310-A: Cleaning device for screw for extruder patent, JP-H09113718-A: 液晶カラーフィルターの製造方法およびこれに用いる凹版 patent, JP-H09114735-A: Parallel coherent read and write-back transaction processing system for packet exchange type cache coherent multiprocessor system patent, JP-H09114817-A: Character input device patent, JP-H09115257-A: 磁気ディスク装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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